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The Guru Killer GR1PS’ collaboration has produced the extraordinary SECRET WEAPON BJJ Gi. It’s studied to be ergonomic and to suit body shapes. The cuts and stitchings shapes kimono’s design to be elegant and unique. It is characterised by sublimation-printed mesh padding on the shoulders and crotch which guarantees comfort by preventing any form of friction between the fabric and the skin. The Bjj Gi is guaranteed to last a long time thanks to the triple seam and double reinforced layers in the areas where it is put under the most strain; at the same time, its pre-shrunk material guarantees a perfect fit. The knee padding and elastic around the waist give a sense of well-being and greater freedom of movement during training. Camo Edition is inspired by military textures and repurposed in a classic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu kimono according to a camouflage design.                                                                                                                           

This product complies with IBJJF competition requirements.

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