The Xande Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu Blueprint + Budokon Mobility Matrix

The Xande Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu Blueprint + Budokon Mobility Matrix

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In this instructional bundle, Jiu-Jitsu Hall Of Fame 7x Adult Black Belt World Champion Xande Ribeiro and founder of the Budokon Mixed Movement Arts University Cameron Shayne share their training methods for becoming a world-class movement athlete.

Included in the Program are the following: 

1. 15 Concept Tutorials From Xande's Favorite Flow Positions From His Legendary Guard Game. 

2. 15 Tutorials Explaining Xande's Renown Pressure Passing Techniques. 

3. 8 Technique Tutorials Breaking Down Xande's Favorite Finishes. 

4. 10 Concept Tutorials Breaking Down In Complete Detail The Understanding And Application of Budokon Mobility For Jiu-Jitsu Fighters And Grapplers.

5. 25 Budokon Mobility Pattern Tutorials Applied In Jiu-Jitsu And Grappling For Passing, Sweeping, Escaping, Submitting, And Take Downs. 

6. 25 Exclusive Budokon Mobility And Crawling Pattern Tutorials.

7. Over 100 Solo + Partner Drills For Guard Passing, Attacks, Recovery & Sweeping.